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SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The BUSINESS department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair, and view the rest of our department website.

Department SLO Assessment Process

Program Outcomes

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. See program details below. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.

Program title
Accounting Major
Microcomputer Accounting Certificate
Accounting Assistant Certificate
Clerical Accounting Certificate
Computerized Accounting Specialist Certificate
Specialized Accounting Certificate
Administrative Support Major
Office Technology Certificate
Administrative Assistant Certificate
Advanced Word Processing Certificate
Basic Business Office Skills for Customer Service Certificate
Basic Computer Concepts Certificate
Basic Word Processing Certificate
Business Office Publishing Basics Certificate
Business Office Publishing Specialist Certificate
Business Office Support Skills I Certificate
Business Office Support Skills II Certificate
Business Web Pages Basics Certificate
Business Web Pages Intermediate Certificate
Clerical Support Specialist Certificate
Computer Applications for Business Certificate
Construction Administrative Assistant Certificate
Excel Basics Certificate
Excel Specialist Certificate
Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate
Office Receptionist Certificate
Office Support Specialist Certificate
PowerPoint Specialist Certificate
Finance Major
Finance Certificate
General Business Major
General Business Certificate
International Business Certificate (Credit)
Marketing Major
Marketing Minor
Paralegal/Legal Studies Major
Paralegal/Legal Studies Certificate
California Real Estate Major
California Real Estate Certificate
Retail Management Certificate
Supervision and Management Certificate
Small Business Certificate
Travel and Tourism Major
Destination Specialist Certificate
Green and Sustainable Travel Certificate
Travel and Tourism Certificate
Travel and Tourism Management Certificate


Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.



Business English & Math


Business Law (formerly Commercial Law)


Computer Applications for Business

Course title
MABS 25. Keyboarding
MABS 30. Computer Keyboarding
MABS 35. Speedbuilding: Keyboarding
MABS 38. Keyboarding with Microsoft Word
MABS 40. Internet Explorer and Outlook Email
MABS 60. Introduction to Computer Applications for Business
MABS 61. Advanced Microsoft Office for Windows
MABS 67. Database for Business/Access for Windows
MABS 90. iPad for Business
MABS 101. Spreadsheets for Business/Excel
MABS 160. Survey of Business Data Processing
MABS 202. PowerPoint Presentations
MABS 391. Word Processing/Microsoft Word
MABS 405. Developing Web Sites - FrontPage
MABS 406. Developing Web Sites-Dreamweaver
MABS 407. Developing Web Sites-Expression Web
COMP 9000. Supervised Training of Computer Applications
COMP 9245. Windows Essentials for MS Office Applications
COMP 9857. MS Office Business Applications with Simulated Projects
COMP 9867. Microsoft Excel Essentials I
COMP 9869. Computer Lab Orientation
COMP 9888. Microsoft Excel Essentials III
COMP 9889. Intro to MS Office Applications for Business
COMP 9894. Microsoft Access Essentials I
COMP 9895. Microsoft Excel Essentials II
COMP 9899. Desktop Publishing for Business
COMP 9900. Microsoft Excel for Business I
COMP 9901. Microsoft Access for Business I
COMP 9904. Microsoft Excel for Business II
COMP 9905. Intro to Windows for MS Office Applications
COMP 9906. Microsoft Access Essentials II
COMP 9907. Desktop Publishing for Business
COMP 9908. Micro Applications--Current Topics
COMP 9909. Microsoft Excel for Business III
COMP 9910. Microsoft Access for Business I
COMP 9911. Microsoft Access for Business III
COMP 9912. PC Upgrade and Optimization
COMP 9913. Microcomputer Lab
COMP 9914. Desktop Publishing - Advanced
COMP 9917. Building Individual Web Sites
COMP 9918. Building Business Web Sites
COMP 9919. Using Dreamweaver for Basic Business Web Pages
COMP 9920. Using SharePoint Designer (Expression Web) for Basic Web Pages
COMP 9921. Intro to the Internet for Office Support
COMP 9922. Flash for Bus/Office Presentations
COMP 9928. PowerPoint for Business
COMP 9932. Excel for Accounting Principles
COMP 9933. Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard - Level I
COMP 9934. Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard - Level II
COMP 9935. Business Web Graphics
COMP 9936. Using Outlook for Office Support, Level I
COMP 9937. Using Outlook for Office Support, Level II
COMP 9938. Publisher for Business Desktop Publishing
COMP 9940. Excel Special Topics - Beyond Advanced
COMP 9941. Simulated Projects for MS Office - Self-Paced
COMP 9942. Microcomputer Lab
COMP 9943. Special Projects Using Publisher
COMP 9944. Acrobat for Bus/Office
COMP 9947. Windows Folder and File Concepts
COMP 9948. Acrobat Bus/Office Doc Conversion
COMP 9949. Dreamweaver I
COMP 9950. E-mail Writing
COMP 9951. PowerPoint
COMP 9952. Internet and E-mail for the Business Office
COMP 9956. Introductory Flash for the Bus/Office
COMP 9957. Photoshop Elements I
COMP 9958. Photoshop Elements II
COMP 9959. Photoshop Elements
COMP 9964. Microsoft Outlook Essentials
COMP 9965. OpenOffice for Business I
COMP 9966. OpenOffice for Business II
COMP 9967. Google Apps for Business I
COMP 9968. Google Apps for Business II
COMP 9969. Dynamic PowerPoint for Business
COMP 9971. Microsoft Visio for Business
COMP 9972. Microsoft Office Project for Business
COMP 9975. MS Office Applications I
COMP 9976. MS Office Applications II
CMSP 9241. Introduction to Computers/ABE
BOSS 2500. Business Math with Spreadsheets I
BOSS 3500. Job Preparation
BOSS 3501. Customer Service Skills
BOSS 3502. Customer Service Principles
BOSS 4500. Business English I
BOSS 4501. Business English II
BOSS 4503. Business English
BOSS 4510. Business Communications
BOSS 4511. Effective Business Communication
BOSS 5500. Keyboarding for Computers
BOSS 5501. Keyboarding: Skill Development
BOSS 5502. Clerical Keyboarding
BOSS 5503. Keyboarding-All Levels
BOSS 5505. Keyboarding: Quick Course
BOSS 5506. Computer Keyboarding: The Numeric Keypad
BOSS 5507. Data Entry/10 Key
BOSS 5508. Advanced Office Procedures for the 21st Century
BOSS 5509. Office Procedures for the 21st Century
BOSS 5510. Document Formatting & Production
BOSS 5511. Office Procedures for the Construction
BOSS 6326. Job Preparation
WOPR 9486. Microsoft Word for Business I
WOPR 9487. Word: Tables
WOPR 9488. Word: Templates and Forms
WOPR 9990. Word Processing (Multi-Level)
WOPR 9991. Microsoft Word Essentials I
WOPR 9993. Microsoft Word Essentials II
WOPR 9994. Word Processing - Level 3
WOPR 9995. Microsoft Word for Business II
WOPR 9996. Microsoft Word for Business II
WOPR 9997. Word Processing - Special Projects
WOPR 9998. Word: Mail Merge
WOPR 9999. Word: Styles and Macros




General Business


Green Business


International Business




Paralegal/Legal Studies


Real Estate


Supervision and Management


Small Business

Course title
SMBS 135. Ownership and Operations of a Small Business
SMBU 9419. Developing a Business Plan
SMBU 9421. Successful Sales
SMBU 9436. Buying a Business
SMBU 9448. Purchasing Products and Services
SMBU 9451. Business Licenses and Permits
SMBU 9452. Supervising Employees
SMBU 9453. Business Communication
SMBU 9466. Employer/Employee Rights
SMBU 9467. Getting Started in Business
SMBU 9470. Marketing Strategy
SMBU 9471. Pricing a Product or Service
SMBU 9476. Green & Sustainable Small Business
SMBU 9477. eBay for Your Small Business
SMBU 9772. Finding the Right Location
SMBU 9776. Record Keeping
SMBU 9781. Legal Structure for a Business
SMBU 9782. Home Based Business
SMBU 9784. Finance for Small Business
SMBU 9789. Introduction to Franchising
SMBU 9791. Introduction to Finance
SMBU 9792. Introduction to Management
SMBU 9793. Introduction to Marketing
SMBU 9794. Wholesaling
SMBU 9795. Retailing
SMBU 9796. Profiting From Financial Statements


Travel and Tourism


Work Experience

Course title
WKEX 301. General Career Work Experience
WKEX 302. General Career Work Experience
WKEX 303. General Career Work Experience
WKEX 805. Work Experience
WKEX 806. Work Experience
WKEX 807. Work Experience