Business Department Student Employment Survey

The Business Department is conducting Student Employment Survey in order to meet accreditation requirements. Employment tracking is crucial for the college in evaluating educational quality and institutional effectiveness. We are tracking all paid employment and internships, as well as advancement (promotions) in existing jobs that started after attending a City College Business class..

Please take a moment to complete the form below. Any information you can provide, even partial information, will help. If you don't know your start date, an estimate is fine. (e.g. approximate month/year)

If you have worked at several jobs since starting at City College, please fill out the survey again with the other employment information. Remember, partial information is acceptable. You can track employment for up to ten years. Employers will not be contacted and information is confidential. Thank you for supporting City College!



If you are a current or former Busniess student and are in need of help looking for employment/internship opportunities, contact the CCSF Business Employment Program for additional help. Visit the CCSF Business Employment Program for contact information.

CCSF Business Employment Program main website