Business Advisory Board

Advisory Board Chairs

  • Chel Gilla (Advisory Chair)
    Founder, Tselogs Group (Filipino Restaurant)

Founder, Tselogs School of Leadership

2017 State Assembly Business of the Year

2017 Leader for Sustainability for Daily City, CA

2018 USA Breaking News

2018 Press Reader, SF Chronicle


  • Katya Lopez (Advisory Co-Chair)
    Content Marketing and Strategy for B2B and B2C SaaS technology

CCSF Alumni


Board Members

·       Almira Corolado

Co-Owner/Partner, Tselog Restaurant Chain


·       Carlos Solorzano-Cuadra

CEO, Hispanic Chambers of Commerce


·       Gabriela Sapp

Consultant, California Community College Workforce and Economic Development Division

Small Business Owner


·       Henry Karnilowicz

President, San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations


·       Marquitta Mayes
EDD Workforce Services
Employer Liaison/EPR


·       Ninive Calegari

CEO, Enterprise for Youth

Teacher Salary Project

Child literacy programs and education improvements


·       Sonia Chowdhary

Wells Fargo, Branch Manager

Financial Trainer, Outreach, and Recruiter