Frank Kalmar, FMP


Lox, Stock & Bagel

Frank Kalmar photo

This thirty-five year veteran began his life’s passion working at his uncle’s restaurant/resort in Northern California before he grew facial hair. If you can imagine it, he’s probably done it – every job from pot-washer and bartender to co-owner and president of his own chain of restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Frank knows what it’s like to roll in to work at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning and drag himself out at 1:00 AM on Sunday. He knows that the show must go on, but he also knows that if you get caught in the kitchen cooking it’s your customer that ultimately suffers. He has made it his business to focus on the customer! His exciting presentations are the result of years of university and college teaching practice seasoned with a wealth of personal experience. His energy and enthusiasm have entertained audiences all over corporate America, but the real value of his programs comes from solid information that is easy to apply. From his opening sentence you will know that he has walked in your shoes! His credentials include…

  • Certified Food Management Professional
  • Past Board Member California Restaurant Association
  • B.A. Business Administration - San Francisco State University
  • Teaching Credential - UC Berkeley
  • President/Co-founder Lox Stock & Bagel Restaurant - in business continuously since 1977
  • Past Adjunct Instructor - City College of SF & Golden Gate University School of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
  • 30 years of progressive management experience including a major national food service management company serving as regional district manager responsible for all aspects of food and beverage management