Assessment Process

Women's Studies has one full-time faculty member and 4 part-time faculty members and over 30 full-and-part-time faculty in departments with cross-listed courses. All but one of our courses are individual sections only (WOMN 25 -- Introduction to Women's Studies -- has two sections). So each instructor is in charge of their class assessment.

SLO assessment process includes pre- and post-surveys that are in use in ALL classes PLUS some kind of in-course assignment or exam as a secondary assessment method (paper, midterm, final, or performance/demonstration of skills for noncredit courses). All surveys are based on one version created by the department chair, but customized by faculty for each course.

Discussion of assessment data occurs at department meetings the following semester. Discussion includes analysis of data and review. In addition, we brainstorm ideas for class improvements that can lead to better SLO achievement by our students.

Data, analysis, and revision summaries are compiled and stored in binders, organized by course and programs.

General process for now is to use the surveys in the Fall and review and analyze data and plan changes in the Spring. This process will be ongoing every year.