SLO Highlights

Current highlights are documented each semester in our Assessment Reports and each year in our Program Review.

Pre-2014 highlights:

Course Revisions

We quickly realized the logistical issues of reviewing, assessing, and changing our Course Outlines.  Our goal is to utimately enhance student learning.  The Department Chair began the task of uploading the Course Outlines on the CCSF Course Outline System in the Fall of 2009, and the department deleted 12 courses that were no longer offered or applicable to our vision/mission.

  • All 34 courses are now contained in the online system
  • A total of 24 of 34 courses have an outline date of 2005 or later
  • A total of 4 out of the 10 remaining outlines have been updated, but have not completely gone through the Curriculum Committee
  • All remaining course revisions (which include SLO assessment) should be completed by the end of Fall 2013

Fall 2010 - Fall 2011

We developed student surveys that assessed student perceptions of how well they learned the SLOs for each of our introductory courses in Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.  The discussion of these will be incorporated into updating each course outline.  In addtion, the core part-time and full-time faculty who teach our statistics course developed a common question to assess the understanding of inferential statistics (results pending).  We also developed a Faculty Survey that we may incorporate into the process.

Spring 2011-Fall 2011

Our most significant accomplishments were the development of the transfer major in Psychology, discussions of potential majors in Anthropology and Sociology, and moving up the course revision schedule from our previous Program Reviews.

  • Developed and submitted an AA-Transfer degree in Psychology in the Spring of 2011
  • Began initial discussions of Anthropology and Sociology transfer majors
  • Moved up the timeline for Course Revisions

Spring 2012

The Spring semester marked the beginning of our full scale effort to assess SLOs in our 34 courses.  All full-time instructors who taught a course other than our introductory courses were asked to choose one SLO from the Course Outline, develop either a quantifiable or qualitative assessment tool, and provide a write-up of their recommendations for change.  Of the 9 courses listed below, all recommendations made verified the success of the SLO, and all made plans for continuing the assessment of either the current SLO or plans to assess the remaining SLOs.

Fall 2012

  • All 32 courses we offered in the Fall of 2012 went through an SLO assessment
  • All course SLOs were mapped to the General Education SLOs
  • We met with the Articulation officer to discuss potential courses to include in Transfor Majors in Anthropology and Sociology
  • We updated Program Learning Outcomes for the Psychology major
  • We drafted Program Learning Outcomes for the potential Anthropology and Sociology majors and these majors were approved by the CCSF Curriculum Committee
  • We mapped our Transfer Major courses to the Program Learning Outcomes
  • We deleted our Human Services Certificate in favor of developing a Sociology Major

Spring 2013

  • The Behavioral Sciences Department chair joined the college-wide Assessment Team work group to assist the SLO coordinator in developing plans, processes, reports, and dialogue across the college for outcomes assessment
  • The Transfer Majors in Anthropology and Sociology were approved by the State Chancellor's Office and are available for students to apply for this semester
  • A total of 23 of our 32 courses we offer in the Spring of 2013 are going through an SLO assessment
  • We are planning a mid-semester meeting to review our SLO process at the course and program level

Fall 2013

  • SLO course managers were appointed for courses taught by multiple instructors to coordinate the assessment process and reporting.
  • Faculty who are the sole instructor for a course are responsible for SLO assessment and reporting.
  • All courses taught this semester went through the SLO assessment process and activities and assessment stage were documented on the college SLO website. 
  • Psyc 11, 1B, and 40 have completed one full cycle in the assessment process.
  • The majority of courses are at Stage 4 - implementing changes based on previous assessment.

Spring 2014

  • A majority of our courses have now completed one full cycle of assessment.
  • Courses which are at earlier stages reflect further need to refine the assessment methods and/or revise the exisiting SLOs.
  • As a result of the assessment process, many instructors recognize the need to revise existing course outlines to reflect recent findings.