Behavioral Sciences

Students ourside Batmale Hall

Message to Students

The Behavioral Sciences Department is focused on assisting each student in meeting their educational goals. We, as your instructors, are committed to creating academic environments that are challenging, inclusive spaces that inspire respectful dialogue and diverse ideas. 

We stand by and will protect space for all of our students including those whose families were indigenous to this land, who immigrated here by choice (whether documented or not), who came as refugees or were brought here against their will. 

We stand and protect space for all of our students who may experience marginalization due to religious affiliation or non-affiliation, national origin, racial and ethnic identity, sex and gender identity or expression, ability, age, sexual orientation, and/or other identity that they hold dear. 

We are here. We welcome you. You are valued.

Vision Statement

The Behavioral Sciences Department is dedicated to inspiring students to learn, and to succeed in their academic and life goals...


Join us as we challenge our views of humanity and delve into the rich and complicated customs, traditions, and value systems around the world...


Interested in improving your self-awareness, personal relationships, increasing your success in the work place or your understanding of human thought and behavior...


Sociology offers extraordinary ways of looking at the way you and others live, work, and socialize in groups and organizations...