Assessment Process

Our department consists of full-time and part-time faculty who teach classes in LGBT Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Anthropology, History and Women’s Studies.

Each of our faculty conducts assessments for each class in Fall semester. Results are reviewed at the end of Fall semester at a departmental afternoon SLO workshop, with suggestions for revisions, if necessary.

Discussions happen throughout the semester at department meetings with special focus only on the SLO process at two different afternoon workshops within the semester – one early in the term and one late in the term. All classes are presented for discussion, by their faculty. Discussion includes review of data, pedagogical practices, and plans for the future.

Revisions, if necessary will be implemented at least by the following Fall semester, during which assessment will take place again.

The department chair will summarize the results of these conversations and the new directions taken. This summary will be part of the yearly program review as well as incorporated into department website highlights.