Assessment Highlights

Fall 2012 Highlights:

  • All courses are under assessment this Fall.
  • LGBT 5 has implemented revisions and is being assessed again.
  • Based on already existing assessment data and observations, we are intending extensive revision of LGBT 10. Some changes have already happened and will continue to happen in Spring 2013.
  • Department meetings: 
  • August 14th -- SLO plan for semester laid out. 
  • Around September 5th, we conducted a three hour afternoon workshop  solely devoted to SLOs, in which we reviewed the SLOs we'd be assessing and the methods of assessment. We planned another afternoon workshop on November 30th to follow up and make reports for December. 
  • Sept. 12 FLEX event at CCSF, we participated in the SLO training from throughout the college.

Highlights Prior to Fall 2012:

  • LGBT 5 was assessed in Fall 2011; data was reviewed; revisions recommended;
  • LGBT classes have had SLO discussion and assessment since 2006 – most recently, the entire program has undergone critical attention as the new major was put into place in Fall 2011. Course SLO’s are being lined up with Program SLO’s for the major.