Design Collaborative

For decoration only - two minds and two visions connecting around one idea (in the symbol of a lightbulb)

Design as it works in the real world - collaboratively

Photography - Art - Fashion - Visual Media Design - Interdisciplinary Studies


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About the Certificate

The Collaborative Design Certificate of Accomplishment provides students with a strong foundation in multidisciplinary approaches to design and collaboration. Our approach offers students the collaborative skills and experiences needed for success in today's workplace. The program enhances a focused study in any design discipline and also provides an introduction to design thinking and making for all students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss historical and contemporary collaborative processes across a range of disciplines.
  • Manage a design process with a collaborative creative team.
  • Apply design vocabulary in developing concepts and approaches to various design solutions.
  • Employ a structured iterative process to solve a variety of design problems.
  • Apply various ideation techniques as tools for visual problem solving.
  • Integrate color theory/harmonies in assembling creative works.