Guided Pathways Research

Guided Pathways Demystified

Guided Pathways Demystified


Guided Pathways Demystified explores ten commonly asked questions about guided pathways.

Guided Pathways Demystified II Addressing 10 New Questions as the Movement Gains Momentum 

Completion by design

Student Success Starts with Holistic Design.

Completion by Design (CBD) has a simple, pioneering vision: working collaboratively can create integrated institutional policies, practices, processes and culture at institutional scale that both provide personalized student experiences and improve student performance and completion outcomes. (read more)


What We Know About Guided Pathways

This practitioner packet is designed to help community college leaders and staff who are considering guided pathways reforms at their college. Part one, What We Know About Guided Pathways, describes the reform model and summarizes evidence supporting its design principles. Part two, Implementing Guided Pathways at Miami Dade College: A Case Study, describes how one college went about implementing guided pathways reforms. Part three, Implementing Guided Pathways: Tips and Tools, offers practical advice on how to get started on reforms following the guided pathways model. (read more)



AACC Pathways

What is the  "Pathways" Model

The Pathways Model is an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent and structured educational experiences, informed by available evidence, that guide each student effectively and efficiently from her/his point of entry through to attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers with value in the labor market (read more)

Book cover

Enhancing the Community College Pathway to Engineering Careers

Community colleges play an important role in starting students on the road to engineering careers, but students often face obstacles in transferring to four-year educational institutions to continue their education. Enhancing the Community College Pathway to Engineering Careers, a new book from the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council, discusses ways to improve the transfer experience for students at community colleges and offers strategies to enhance partnerships between those colleges and four-year engineering schools to help students transfer more smoothly. (read more)