Sound Recording

What will I learn in this program?

Students learn recording techniques and how to operate the equipment used in recording commercial music.  Courses include hands-on exposure to production processes such as tracking, overdubbing, mixing and mastering by participating in recording sessions.  Students are prepared for entry-level positions at recording studios, sound reinforcement companies, mobile on-site music recording companies, radio production facilities, or radio post-production facilities.

What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program? How much will they pay?  What “demand” is expected for these jobs?


Average Annual Salary

Expected Regional Demand

Sound Engineering Technicians


Average Growth

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians


Average Growth


Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

CCSF Placement

Does this program have any special costs?


How long will it take to complete this program?


Time to Complete*

Sound Recording Certificate

1 Year

*Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester

How do I get more information on this program?

Department website:

Department contact information:
Art X 160
(415) 239-3527

Program coordinator information: 
Francine Podenski
(415) 239-3351