Paralegal/Legal Studies

What will I learn in this program?

Our Paralegal/Legal Studies Program offers a course of study leading to an Associate of Arts degree and a Major in Paralegal/Legal Studies to students who have no prior college education.  For students who already hold a college degree, our Program offers a course of study leading to a Paralegal Certificate.

The Paralegal/Legal Studies Program will prepare you for work as a paralegal by teaching practical skills, law office skills, and writing and research skills. You will assist attorneys in government, corporations, and private law offices. 

What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program? How much will they pay?  What “demand” is expected for these jobs?


Average Annual Salary

Expected Regional Demand

Legal Assistant


Faster than Average Growth



Faster than Average Growth

Areas of employment for paralegals include accident/personal injury, banking, bankruptcy, civil rights, corporate, criminal, entertainment and sports, environmental, estate and probate, family, government, immigration, insurance defense, intellectual property, labor, litigation, maritime, real estate, and more.

Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

Enrollment in the Associate of Arts and Major Program is open to all students who are admitted to City College of San Francisco and who have satisfied the prerequisite. The mandatory prerequisite is completion of the following or its equivalent with a letter grade of C or higher:  96 or BSEN 70 or placement in 1A.

Enrollment in the Certificate Program is open to all interested students who already hold a college degree OR who have completed 30 units of general education or law-related courses with a 2.0 grade point average or higher at an accredited, post-secondary school PRIOR TO admission into our paralegal program. Students transferring coursework completed at another school must furnish an official transcript.

Does this program have any special costs?


How long will it take to complete this program?


Time to Complete*

Associate of Arts degree

4 semesters


4 semesters

*Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester

How do I get more information on this program?
Business Department, Ocean Campus, 105 Cloud Hall
Dora J. L. Dye