Diagnostic Medical Imaging

What will I learn in this program?

Radiology is truly an exciting field that is in demand for qualified individuals. Radiologic Technologists (also called RT(R)’s or Radiographers) are highly skilled members of the healthcare team with responsibilities including; assisting Radiologists perform complicated and difficult procedures such as biopsies, aspirations, and vascular studies; as well as working with surgeons during many types of surgical procedures where x-ray is needed. It is far more than simply radiographing the skeleton. RT(R)’s have continuous contact with patients during their procedures in the radiology department, educating them about the examination, and giving emotional support.  They also monitor and observe each patient as they do the examinations. Successful Radiologic Technologists are detailed oriented, interested in science/math, comfortable with computers, empathetic towards patients, customer service oriented, know how to prioritize based upon the needs of patients and physicians, and have EXCELLENT communication skills. 

Upon program completion of this 32-month program and after having passed both the State and National Board Examinations, you may seek employment as a radiologic technologist.  As a diagnostic radiologic technologist, you can work in a hospital radiology department, a private radiology office, an orthopedic surgeon's office, a clinic and as a salesperson of radiology equipment.

What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program? How much will they pay? What “demand” is expected for these jobs?


Average Annual Salary

Expected Regional Demand

Radiologic Technologist


Faster than Average Growth




Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

Students should take the CCSF Placement Text prior to entering the program.  This program requires the submission of a separate application in addition to the general College application. Each year, the deadline to apply for the Fall Semester is March. The deadline for Spring Semester is October 1. For new students to CCSF, you must first apply for admission. You may also call Admissions directly at (415) 239-3431. To obtain the program application and information sheet, please visit the Radiologic Technology Office, Cloud Hall, Rm. 239 or call (415) 239-3431 for more information.

Does this program have any special costs?

The major costs are the books (approximately $150.00 per semester), and one uniform (approximately $75.00).

How long will it take to complete this program?


Time to Complete*

A.S. in Diagnostic Medical Imaging

32 months

*Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester

How do I get more information on this program?
Department website: at CCSF website, search for: Radiologic Oncology/ Department
Department contact information: Radiologic Technology Office, C239,
Program coordinator information: Kyle Thornton, kthornto@ccsf.edu