Airframe-Maintenance Technology

What will I learn in this program?

The curriculum in this certificate or A.S. Degree Program includes Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance, Basic Electric Systems, Power-Plant Theory, Propulsion Power-Plant Systems, Power-Plant Proponents, and Aircraft Material Process. The FAA has approved this course of study, thereby permitting students with the Certificate of Completion to take the exam for the FAA Power-Plant Certificate.

Graduates are eligible for such positions as accessory mechanic, general power-plant mechanic, maintenance crew member and hanger crew member. After attaining experience and undertaking further training, students may be prepared for the position of power-plant technician, supervisor or inspector.

What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program? How much will they pay?  What “demand” is expected for these jobs?


Average Annual Salary

Expected Regional Demand

Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians


Average Growth

Avionics Technicians


Average Growth


Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

Applicants prior to enrolling in the Aircraft Maintenance Technology program 1) complete ESL 82 with a final grade of "C" or higher or receive a CCSF placement of ENGL 92 with a "C" or higher or receive a CCSF placement of ENGL 94 OR 2) Students enrolled in English classes complete ENGL 92 with a "C" or higher or receive a CCSF placement of ENGL 94 AND 3) Students complete MATH E, BSMA G, BSMA H, or BSMA J or receive a placement of MATH 840.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires the student to read, speak, and understand English. Other requirements include the satisfaction of the math requirement; students must be legal residents of California and have good health, eyesight, and hearing. Students must pass required courses with a minimum score of 70% and meet hourly attendance requirements.

Does this program have any special costs?


How long will it take to complete this program?


Time to Complete*

Airframe Maintenance Technology Certificate of Accomplishment

3 Semesters

Airframe Maintenance Technology Award of Achievement

2 Years

*Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester

How do I get more information on this program?

Department website: School of Applied Science & Technology: Maintenance Technology & Aeronautics or
Department contact information: San Francisco Airport
Program coordinator information: (415) 239-3901