For Partners

Our partners include regional private and public employers, industry associations, community based organizations, and other educational organizations. CCSF’s ability to partner spans a range of services, from providing tailored training, to onsite college courses, to helping fill hiring needs.

Community Partners

Community Based Organizations and Workforce intermediaries provide support to apprenticeship programs. Through apprenticeship community partners can:

  • Provide workforce specific expertise and support to employers and apprentices 
  • Assist with community outreach 
  • Provide supportive services to apprentices 

For Employers

CCSF connects with employers through apprenticeships, internships, job opportunities, and more. Employers need diverse talent to grow their businesses. For large companies, small businesses, and everything in between, City College is ready to step in and connect!



CCSF partners with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to offer Basic Police Academy, Field Training Operations, and Advanced Officer Continuing Professional Training. Classes are conducted at the Police Academy and other SFPD facilities as approved.  For more information, please contact Monique Pascual, Director of Apprenticeship and Instructional Service Agreements or Jonathan Berg, Employment and Training Specialist.