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Funding Opportunities

Funding for CCSF programs and departments is available through several categorical funds managed through the division of Career Education.

2019-20 Request for Proposals (RFP) Now Available:
Adult Education Program, Perkins and Strong Workforce Program

Perkins Strong Workforce Program Adult Education
John Halpin
Associate Dean, CWEE
Carmen Lamha
Associate Dean, CTE Pathways
Alina Varona
Associate Dean,


Professional Development

Continued development of our faculty, staff, and administrators is critical to our students’ success. Contact Carmen Lamha at clamha@ccsf.edu or click the link below for more information about these opportunities.


Resources & Materials

Visit our Resources and Materials page for information about Advisory Committees, labor market data, regional and state resources, and other useful content.


Special Topics


New Considerations with CCC Certificates: What’s special about 16 units?

November 27, 2018
Theresa Fleischer Rowland and Kimberly Ginther-Webster
For CCSF Faculty and Administrators