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Funding Opportunities

Funding for CCSF programs and departments is available through several categorical funds managed through the division of Career Education.

2019-20 Request for Proposals (RFP) Now Available:
Adult Education Program, Perkins and Strong Workforce Program

Online Grant Application System: https://ccsf.smapply.io

Technical Assistance Presentation

Webinar via YouTube

UPDATE on ITS Approval:
 2019-2020 Proposals requesting computers, software, or classroom technology must be submitted to ITS for review and approval. Departments are encouraged to consult with ITS about requests. Submit an itemized description of your request and the Technology Sign Off page to ITS Office Manager, Ruri Saito, Batmale 130, Mailbox LB2, by 5:00 p.m on 1/30/19. Proposals not submitted by this deadline will not be considered. All requests for ITS approval will be returned to proposal author no later than 2/7/19.

Perkins Strong Workforce Program Adult Education
John Halpin
Workforce Development
Alina Varona
Associate Dean,
Career Education Pathways
Strong Workforce Program
Wendy Miller
Associate Dean,
Adult Education Program


Upcoming Workshops:  Request for Proposals
Combined Categorical Funding Opportunity
Adult Education, Perkins, and Strong Workforce Program

We are hosting two workshops in January to assist interested applicants with the proposal development process for 2019-2020 Adult Education, Perkins and Strong Workforce Program Funding. Though not required, all interested parties are encouraged to attend one of the following workshops (the same content will be presented at both workshops):


Wednesday, January 23

Phone: (646) 876-9923 (US Toll) 
Meeting ID: 490 695 176 


Thursday, January 24
Rosenberg Library, Room 518

In early January, we will send out an Outlook invitation to these workshops.

If you are unable to attend one of the workshops, a recording of the webinar and a copy of the presentation and materials will be posted here.

RFP Workshop Flyer


Professional Development

Continued development of our faculty, staff, and administrators is critical to our students’ success. Contact Alina Varona at avarona@ccsf.edu or click the link below for more information about these opportunities.


Resources & Materials

Visit our Resources and Materials page for information about Advisory Committees, labor market data, regional and state resources, and other useful content.

Special Topics


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