About CareerMatch

The CCSF CareerMatch Survey identifies your interests using the popular Holland Code.  Dr. John Holland, a well-respected career development expert, developed a theory stating that people can be loosely classified into six different personality categories. CareerMatch uses this theory to point out your two strongest categories to help you plan a satisfying career path.

The CCSF CareerMatch Survey targets your interests, not your abilities.  Although you may find a lot of enjoyment participating in certain activities, this does not mean you will be good at them.  You may need to take other assessments to identify your abilities for a specific occupational area. 

Don't rely on the CCSF CareerMatch Survey for definitive answers, as it is not an exact science.  It was designed to help you generate ideas you hadn't already thought of.  Never rely on one isolated test or survey to tell you what to do with your life.  Take advantage of the many resources available to assist you in making career and educational decisions. 

The CCSF CareerMatch Survey does not replace counseling.  There are excellent career services available at every community college.  Trained professionals can help lead the way to a career that suits you best.  Other valuable resources can be found at your local One-Stop Career Center, public library, or school counselor. 

Let your own judgment and intuition guide you.  Nobody knows better than you which direction to take.  Don't limit your vision if the results don't "fit." The CCSF CareerMatch Survey contains information about over one hundred CCSF occupational programs, so explore any program that seems interesting to you. The more information you have, the better prepared you will be to make an informed decision!