CareerMatch Survey

Trying to make the right career decision?  Not sure which college choices are best for you?

Take the following survey to see how the interests you identify match with Career and Technical Education programs offered at CCSF. Once completed use your results to explore program options as well as to serve as part of a battery of assessments and tools you’ll need to make your decision. 

Want to know more about CareerMatch?  Be sure to visit the About CareerMatch page.



Rate your interests in the following activities. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about your answers; go with your first response even if you’ve never participated in the activity.  Submit your responses.


Review your results.


Select a category to review the programs that match your interest areas.


Choose a program title to explore Program FAQ’s, which include career opportunities, projected salaries, estimated training time, tuition and more.  Be sure to also review Program FAQ’s included in your other interest categories.

Next to each of the following statements, click the response which best describes how much you like the activity.

Interest Level
0 1 2 3

Lead an exercise class at a gym

Assist in research in a biotech laboratory

Create a new cookie recipe

Help people overcome challenges

Run a start-up software company


Advise on investment planning

Build and repair computer networks

Use equipment to monitor a patient's heart rate

Cook a gourmet meal

Answer phones on a crisis hotline


Debate and win arguments

Sell stocks and securities in a bank

Fix, build, or assemble various items

Study human behavior

Use audio/video equipment and technology


Volunteer in a community agency

Supervise a team

Prepare a meeting agenda on the computer

Troubleshoot engine trouble on an airplane

Conduct experiments and make observations


Create costumes and sets for a play

Care for sick children or seniors

Manage a hotel

Organize office files

Repair diesel engines


Operate scientific equipment

Use software to design buildings

Care for patients in a hospital

Create a logo or advertisement for a business

Assist a lawyer to prepare legal documents


Serve in the Coast Guard

Examine a crime scene

Design clothing

Train new employees

Promote or market a brand new product


Manage medical records in a hospital

Care for animals at a shelter

Collect evidence at a crime scene

Design advertisements for a magazine

Research and learn about other cultures or religions


Be involved in politics or social justice/change

Install office software on a computer

Protect and care for the environment

Use a computer program to track data

Create graphics for video games, films, or websites


Assist with a community health research study

Communicate ideas to other people

Do routine, organized, and accurate work

Enforce federal, state, and local laws

Develop an app or video game


Write a blog, magazine article, or novel

Teach someone about your favorite hobby

Help a customer choose the right product

Plan, budget, and keep records with accuracy and reliability

Help people during an emergency


Repair a computer

Give presentations or perform in front of others

Teach young children in a daycare

Sell airline tickets to travelers

Prepare tax returns