Business & Finance

Are you seeking an occupation that takes advantage of your desire to lead and manage others? Do you tackle projects with attention to detail, organization, and responsibility? A career in Business & Finance may be for you!

Career Options

  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Financial Analyst
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Paralegal
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Retail Manager
CCSF can help you explore, prepare, and advance with meaningful careers in the business and finance sectors. In the San Francisco Bay Area, job openings for accountants and auditors, general operations managers, and retail salespeople are forecast to be plentiful through 2024. Whether you are looking to build your skills in accounting, marketing, management, or finance, the San Francisco Bay Area’s best community college Business & Finance programs are at CCSF. For more information and examples of job salaries, click here.

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Student Stories

Paralegal Student Photo

Vanessa Buffington


Luh Mulyadewi

Business Office Support Skills

Bryan Ly



Credit Programs by Department

Credit Program Units Required Career Match Codes AA/AS/Certificate/ Credit/NonCredit Website
Assistant Interior Designer 15 A/E/R Cert./Credit Architecture
Construction Management 18-38 R/C AS/Cert./Credit Architecture
Environmental Science 34-40 I/R/S AS/Credit Biology
Accounting 52 E/C AS/Credit Business
Administrative Support 34.5-36 C/S AS/Credit Business
Business Administration 29-30 E/C AS-T/Credit Business
California Real Estate 18-24 E/C AS/Cert./Credit Business
Computer Accounting 18 E/C Cert./Credit Business
Construction Office Administration 13 E/C Cert./Credit Business
Finance 27-45 E/C AS/Cert/Credit Business
General Business 17-30 E/C AS/Cert./Credit Business
Green & Sustainable Travel 15 E/C Cert./Credit Business
International Business 15 E/C Cert./Credit Business
Marketing 24 E/C AS/Cert./Credit Business
Office Administration Specialist 12 C/S Cert./Credit Business
Office Technology 19.5-21 R/C Cert./Credit Business
Paralegal/Legal Studies 30-36 C/I AS/Cert./Credit Business
Retail Management 24-26 E/S Cert./Credit Business
Supervision & Business Management 15 E/S Cert./Credit Business
Travel & Tourism 16-28 E/C AS/Cert./Credit Business
Travel & Tourism Management 17 E/C Cert./Credit Business
Travel-Destination Specialist 15 E/C Cert./Credit Business
Film, Television and Media Arts 19-21 S/C/E AS-T/Credit Cinema
Communication Studies
Communications Studies 18 A/S/E AA-T/Credit Communication Studies
Food Service Management 60.5-63.5 E/R AS/Credit Culinary
Hotel Management 45-47 E/S AS/Credit Culinary
Computer Networking and Information Technology
Advanced Cybersecurity 15 C/I/R Cert./Credit Computer Networking and Information Technology
Cybersecurity 16 I/R/C Cert./Credit Computer Networking and Information Technology
Creative Writing 15 A/S/I Cert./Credit English
English 15/18 S/A/E AA/AA-T/Cert./Credit English
Environmental Horticulture and Floristry
Commercial Cut-Flower and Greenhouse Production 42-45 E/R AS/Credit Environmental Horticulture and Floristry
Landscape Gardening and Landscape Contracting 49 E/R AS/Credit Environmental Horticulture and Floristry
Nursery and Garden-Center Operation 26 R/E Cert./Credit Environmental Horticulture and Floristry
Advanced Apparel Techniques 9 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Apparel Construction 16 R/I/C Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Design 18-51 A/E AS/Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Illustration 15 A/S/R Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Merchandising 38-43 A/E AS/Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Portfolio 16 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Styling 16 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Image Consulting 16 A/E Cert./Credit Fashion
Patternmaking 16 R/I/S Cert./Credit Fashion
Textiles 22 R/C/E Cert./Credit Fashion
Labor and Community Studies
Labor and Community Studies 24 E/S AS/Credit Labor and Community Studies
Mathematics 21-24 I/C/R AS-T/Credit Mathematics
B&W Photography-The Zone System 17 R/I/S Cert./Credit Photography
Digital Photography 17 A/E Cert./Credit Photography
Studio Lighting 17 A/E/S Cert./Credit Photography
Liberal Studies 18 S/A/I AA/AS/Credit Various
World Languages and Cultures
World Languages and Culture various A/S/E AA/AA-T/Cert./Credit World Languages and Cultures

Non-Credit Programs by Department

Non-credit Program Hours Required Career Match Codes AA/AS/Certificate/ Credit/NonCredit Website
Accounting Assistant 735-780 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Basic Business Skills in the Medical Office 450 C/S Cert./NonCredit Business
Basic Computer Concepts 135 R/I/S Cert./NonCredit Business
Business Office Support Skills 685 C/S Cert./NonCredit Business
Business Website Builders 450 C/I Cert./NonCredit Business
Cloud-based Electronic Communication 690-710 C/E/R Cert./NonCredit Business
Computer Applications for Business 555-585 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Computerized Accounting Specialist 690-720 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Customer Service 315 C/S/E Cert./NonCredit Business
Electronic Publishing Specialist 315 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Excel Specialist 225 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Microsoft Office Specialist 630 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Quickbooks and Spreadsheets for Accounting 375 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Small Business (Small Business Institute) 72 E/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Website Development for E-Business 360 I/R/C Cert./NonCredit Business
Baking and Pastry 1020 R/S/E Cert./NonCredit Culinary
Culinary and Service Skills 1020 R/S/E Cert./NonCredit Culinary

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