Training Topics "L"

Law & Ethics in the Mental Health Field

Leadership Skills for Working with Youth   

Learning Differences of Foster Care Kids

Learning Disabilities & Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder: Behavioral  Interventions

Learning Disabilities: Aspergers Syndrome

Learning Disabilities: Differential Diagnosis & Treatment

Learning Disabilities: Identifying & Treating Learning Problems

Learning Disabilities: Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities: Recognizing & Helping Youth Cope with Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities: Special Needs Youth / Special Education  

Learning Disabilities: Treatment of Youth with ADD & Learning Disabilities

Legal & Ethical Codes for Staff Working with Youth in Foster Care

Legal & Ethical Issues for Staff Who Work with Foster Youth

Liability & Legal Issues for Group Homes or FFAs: General Overview

Licensure Requirements & How They Apply to Your Foster Home

Linking Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Therapy