Training Topics "I J K"

Identifying Issues that Parents & Youth Struggle With: Supporting Parents

Identifying Signs, Intervention & Prevention of Youth in Prostitution

Impact of Parental Substance Abuse

Impact of Substance Abuse on Adolescents

Impact on Children & Adolescents of Witnessing Domestic Violence

Impact on Youth of Family Decision Making & Planning    
Implementing Parenting Support Groups & Multiple Family Therapy

Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care

Including Birth Families in Foster Care

Individual Education Plan (IEP): an Overview

Intervention Strategies for Lying, Stealing, Temper Tantrums, & School Refusal

Intervention Strategies for Sleep Problems, Enuresis, Encopresis, Excessive Computer Use  
Intervention Strategies for Substance Users

Interventions to Help Youth Heal

Kids & Meth

Kids & the Law