Training Topics "C"

Case Consultation: Principles-Based Case Consultation
Case Management Issues

Case Management: Treatment Modalities / Planning

Case Presentation: How to do a Thorough Child/Family Case Presentation

Challenges & Opportunities for Siblings &  Family Members of Children with Special Needs

Challenges of Adolescence

Changing Harmful Behaviors: Interventions & Guidelines

Child Development Fundamentals     

Child Development:  How to Talk to Youth About Sex

Child Development: Early Childhood

Child Development: Effects / Impact of Verbal & Psychological Abuse on Child & Adolescent Development

Child Development: Latency Age

Child-Proofing the Home

Clinical Intervention with Young Children Affected by Domestic Violence

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Youth with Developmental Disabilities: An Overview

Communicating the Needs of Foster Care Families

Communicating with Biological Families of Children in Foster Care

Communicating with Un-communicative Youth

Communicating with Youth: Working with Emancipated Minors

Communication Skills When Working with Staff

Communication Skills When Working with Youth

Communication Strategies for Interacting with Youth with Hearing Loss

Communication that Works: Being Direct & Clear; Saying What You Want to Say in a Positive Way

Community Resources for Working with Youth  

Compassion Fatigue when Working with Youth
Conduct Disorder Masking as Anger

Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills for Staff

Contemporary Issues in Sexuality & Youth

Contemporary Issues in Sexuality & Youth: Helping Youth Cope with Sexual Responsibility Issues
Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)

Counseling Parents of Substance Abusing Youth

Counseling Youth Who Are Active Drug Users

Counseling: Effective Individual Counseling for Youth in Foster Care

Counter-Transference, Compassion, & Boundaries for Clinicians & Counselors   
CPS: How a Case Enters Child Protective Services

CPS: Inter-Agency Issues for Youth in Foster Care

CPS: Rights of Youth in Foster Care

CPS: Understanding the Foster Care System

Creating a Positive Program Environment

Creating Fun Activities for Youth  
Crisis Communication

Crisis Intervention & Response

Cross-Cultural Issues in Child & Adolescent Development

Cultural & Religious Diversity / Valuing Cultural Diversity

Cultural Competency in Work with Youth

Cultural Competency: Developing Clinical Competence in a Multicultural Context

Cultural Competency: Working with Multi-Ethnic Backgrounds
Culture & Trauma

Current Perspective & Treatment Approaches to Adolescent Chemical Dependency