Russian Grammar in Context

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Instructor  Yelena Camargo

Join us to review Russian grammar in a cultural context. We will practice the use and comprehension of spoken Russian. This workshop requires previous experience with Russian language. In five weeks you will be able to manage a phone conversation, order a meal in a restaurant, understand and give simple directions and deal with common travel problems. We will read and listen to short biographies and will give an oral presentation on a Russian cultural figure. We will conduct a survey of grammatical cases and idiomatic expressions utilizing them. We also will study perfective and imperfective aspects of the Russian verb. We will learn and review will imperative forms of the verbs and verbs of motion. 

Yelena Camargo, a native speaker of Russian, obtained an MA in Russian Language and Literature from Moscow State University. She worked at Pushkin Institute of Russian Language in Moscow, and at CCSF, SFSU and USF here in San Francisco, teaching different levels of Russian language classes, giving lectures on Russian culture, literature and cinematography. Yelena has been working at City College for over 20 years and enjoys presenting the many facets of Russian culture in her various courses.  


Fee: $195
Dates: 7/16/20-8/13/20
Day: Thursdays
Synchronized meeting time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Number of meetings: 5
Location: Online

Students must have a computer with internet access and a webcam to participate in the workshop.