Taking Pictures with Your Digital Camera

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Instructor Laura Gillmore

This online workshop will teach students how to use the manual settings on their digital SLR cameras. We will focus on how to use the light meter on your camera, adjusting aperture (depth of field), shutter speed (motion), and ISO (light sensitivity). There will be brief introductions to lens types and metering. Lastly, we will explore night photography! For students who are interested in post-production editing, we will also have a basic demonstration on how to improve the quality of your photographs using Photoshop and the settings on your smartphone or Instagram.  Make sure your camera is a single-reflex-lense or mirrorless digital camera, a tripod is optional but recommended. 

Structure for each session online:

The instructor will begin the workshop with first 90 minutes of each workshop with demonstrations, using with diagrams and presentation slides. Students may ask questions in incremental Q&A rounds, every 10 minutes. After we are done, the group online call will end. 

The following 90 minutes will be alloted for private one-on-one time with individual students, who are interested. This time is to help students navigate their own specific camera model's settings and discuss customized goals for personal photography needs; approximately 10-15 minutes per student. 

In the following week's class time, we will review and discuss student photos within the demonstration period.


Fee: $195
Dates: 7/13/20-8/10/20
Day: Mondays
Synchronized meeting time:  5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Number of meetings: 5
Location: Online

Students must have a computer with internet access and a webcam to participate in the workshop. 

Single-reflex-lense or mirrorless digital camera required.