Summer Creative Writing Lab with Nora Boxer

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Instructor: Nora Boxer

Both fiction writers and poets are welcome in the Lab, where we come together as practicing writers, each of us bringing our works-in-progress or starting something new. Part of each workshop session is reserved for simply writing together, giving us structure and discipline to work on our projects in virtual community. We also do a weekly generative creative writing exercise that helps us warm up and stretch our words in new directions. We talk about issues of craft and narrative as they arise, tailoring these conversations and skill-building to meet the needs of the participants in the group. Those who have taken previous creative writing classes are welcome here, as is anyone who wants to get some writing done this summer in a partially-self-directed, virtual-yet-community-based setting. Please note the Lab is repeatable, so if you were in a previous in-person Lab, you're welcome to come again.

Each 2 hour class session will include approximately:

45 minutes of discussion and/or warmup exercise

45 minutes where we "de-Zoom" and work on our own writing, knowing we are held in a container of everyone doing so

30 minutes to reconvene together, sharing and/or discussing our writing processes

Additionally, at some point in the five week course, each Lab participant will have a 30 minute 1-on-1 session to discuss their work and creativity with the instructor. These conferences will ideally be held following group time, in what would be the third hour of class, but if you are unable to block out this exact time, please don't let it stop you from registering - we can find another time that works for you.

The Lab is a generative, community space, operating on the model of what is sometimes referred to as a "flipped classroom." We come together to practice writing, just like people come together to practice yoga, painting, aikido, etc., versus using a traditional workshop model. It's a practice space more than it is a critique space. Past Lab participants report that the regularly-scheduled weekly time to write, the prompts and exercises, and being part of a group have spurred them on to write more regularly. We also will be a community that supports one another during this intense and unusual moment in history.


Fee: $195
Dates: 7/15/20-8/12/20
Day: Wednesday
Synchronized meeting time: 6:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Number of meetings: 5
Location: Online

Students must have a computer with internet access and a webcam to participate in the workshop.