Metalsmithing 02 Introduction and Intermediate Workshop for Jewelry Design and Creation - Surface Enrichment and Embellishment

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Beginning students become familiarized with all of the essential techniques, including sawing, cutting, filing, stamping, texturing, basic roller embossing, forming, finishing & polishing,  as well as the opportunity to work with bezel stone setting, wire, fusing, soldering, and patinas. The first session is spent learning the basic property of metal and the inter-related steps as to how design ideas are created into unique items of adornment. The last three sessions are dedicated to applying that knowledge to making one or more pieces of jewelry of the students' own design.

The workshop enables Intermidiate Students to expand upon basic metalsmithing skills as you learn new techniques in metal fabrication, such as: surface enrichment (i.e., etching; patina, stamping) forging, 3D forms and more. You will employ one or more of these techniques in your personal design utilizing sterling and fine silver (provided through the materials fee). You will also explore further the tools used for metalsmithing / jewelry designs and best practices. 

Instructor: Nyya Lark


Class Fee: $280
Dates: 7/13/19-8/3/19
Day: Saturdays
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm
Number of meetings: 4
Location: Hunter's Point Bldg 101
Rm: 2211
Materials fee (pay to the instructor): $25