Painting the Portrait with the Zorn Palette

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Portrait painting is an excellent way to hone our skills no matter where we are at in our artistic development. Drawing accuracy, understanding of anatomy, value sensitivity, edge control and color theory are all considerations when we approach the portrait and will be addressed in this class. Working in limited palettes, such as the Zorn Palette, allows us to work on our color and temperature shifts while ensuring that we maintain a sense of color harmony. In addition to being an excellent jumping off point for expanding our palettes, limited palettes are also a great way to further our understanding of color relationships and push how we apply color theory in our paintings. This class has no prerequisites and all skill levels are welcome.

Instructor: Patrick Bettag


Fee: $190
Dates:  6/15/19-7/20/19 
Day: Saturday
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Number of meetings: 6
Location: Fort Mason, Bldg B Rm: 200
Additional model fee to be paid to the instructor, depending on enrollment