Watercolor and Additive Color Theory Workshop

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In this workshop, students will learn the basics of additive color theory using watercolor, with the goal of discovering their own personal palette and color sensibility. Students will explore contemporary art, film, and graphic novels to expand their understanding of color. Students will explore color aspects including hue, value, intensity, tints, and shades. The culmination of the workshop will see students integrate these approaches to develop their own signature use of color. Open to anyone interested in expanding their use and understanding of color. This workshop can be taken as an introduction to watercolor painting. It can also add depth and dimension to an existing painting practice, or help designers and others professionally concerned with color to deepen their understanding.


Instructor: Alison OK Frost


Class Fee: $175
Dates:  6/19/19-7/24/19 (no meeting on 7/3)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Number of meetings: 5
Location: Fort Mason, Bldg B
Rm: 203
Materials Fee (pay to the instructor): $20