Afternoon Portrait Drawing Workshop

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Faces are fascinating and fun to draw in this general introductory course to portrait drawing. We’ll work from live models as well as large plaster casts of facial features, and from images or pics as well. This class will cover many basics, including: skull and bone structure, planes, muscles, skin, hair, features, texture, expression, proportion, anatomy, shadow and light, contour, lines, masses, and composition and perspective. Each week’s class will build upon the activities and skills practiced the previous week. Capture the essence and likeness of the human portrait while improving your sense of observation and understanding of the basics underlying a portrait. There will be a model fee of about $30, give or take a couple, for all 4 weeks of portrait drawing, depending on the number of artists in our class.

Instructor: Anna-Lisa van der Valk


Drawing by Tami Tsark

Class Fee: $175
Dates: 6/24/19-7/22/19
Day: Monday
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm
Number of meetings: 5
Location: Fort Mason, Bldg B
Rm: 207