Music and Sound

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Chinatown/Northbeach Campus Wednesday Evening Workshops

MU130 Fundamentals of Guitar 3/4-4/29/2020


Ocean Campus Monday Afternoon Workshops

MU201 Community Guitar Ensemble - Session 1 1/27-3/2/20

MU202 Community Guitar Ensemble - Session 2 3/9-4/13/20


Mission Campus Monday Evening Workshops

MU160 Getting Acquainted with the Guitar 2/3-4/20/2020

MU161 My Old Friend the Guitar  2/3-4/20/2020


Mission Campus Wednesday Afternoon Music Listening and Appreciation Workshops

MU170 American Folk Music: The Roots 2/5-3/4/2020

MU171 American Folk Music: Country 4/8-5/6/2020