Art Workshops

Various Media   printable PDF

AR133 Art & Assemblage: the Re-Contextualizing of Objects 1/27-3/2/2020

AR140 Chalk Paper Marbling and Book Making 4/11/2020

AR155 Mixed Media, Collage and Assemblage 3/21/2020

AR158 A Collage a Day: Exploring Techniques and Content 2/5-3/4/2020

AR159 3D Collage 3/11-4/15/2020

AR160 Critique: The Constructive Criticism of Art 3/11-3/25/2020

AR199 Printing with Nature 3/14/2020

AR781 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction 4/7-5/5/2020

Drawing    printable PDF

AR200 Learn to Draw Using the Figure 1/25-3/14/2020

AR202 The Figure as Subject Matter: Explore In-depth Drawing Methods 4/4-5/16/2020

AR207 Material Processes in Sculptural Drawing 2/29-4/4/2020

AR209 Drawing Hands and Feet Workshop 3/21/2020

AR214 Thursday Evening Portrait Drawing 4/9-5/7/2020

AR215 Shodo : Japanese Calligraphy 4/25/20

AR220 Drawing Workshop: Tone and Atmosphere 1/27-3/2/2020

AR256 Get Inspired: Weekly Sketch Prompts 4/6-5/4/2020

AR273 Life Drawing with Collage 2/22-3/7/2020

AR295 Observational Drawing and Painting 4/11-5/9/2020

AR337 Writing and Illustrating Children's Books 2/11-3/17/2020

Painting   printable PDF

AR401 Exploring Light and Space in Watercolor 2/18-3/24/2020

AR402 In Pictures: Using Photos as Reference in Watercolor 4/14-5/12/2020

AR403 A Watercolor Painting a Day 4/8-5/6/2020

AR413 Painting the Portrait with the Zorn Palette 2/22-3/21/2020

AR415 Still Life Painting: Techniques for Realism 4/4-5/2/2020

AR416 Image Transfer Workshop 2/3-2/10/2020

AR417 Figure Painting Intensive-Spring 5/9/2020

AR427 Acrylic Painting: The Four Basic Techniques 2/4-3/24/2020

AR428 Acrylic Painting: Creating a Complex Surface 4/7-5/19/2020

AR431 Advanced Painting Approaches  1/27-4/13/2020

AR451 Experimental Approaches to Paint-Handling 2/6-4/16/2020

AR466 Introduction and Continuation of Oil Painting: Materials, Color and Form 2/24-3/23/2020

AR494 An Encyclopedia of Brushstrokes 2/29/2020

Ceramics and Sculpture   printable PDF

AR702 Life Sculpture Workshop: Building a Seated Figure in Clay Using an Internal Armature 1/21-3/10/2020

AR703 Life Sculpture Workshop: Heads, Hands and Feet 3/17-5/5/2020

AR720 Ceramics Workshop: Techniques and Practices 1/23-3/5/2020  

AR721 Ceramics Workshop: Beyond Standard Ceramics Methods 3/12-4/30/2020

AR751 Raku Workshop, Section 1 1/12/2020

AR752 Raku Workshop, Section 2 2/16/2020

AR753 Raku Workshop, Section 3 3/29/2020

AR754 Raku Workshop, Section 4 4/25/2020

Printmaking   printable PDF

AR901 Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop 4/4-5/2/2020

AR910 Between Painting and Printmaking 2/21-3/20/2020

AR911 Photographic Printmaking Processes 4/10-5/8/2020