Art Workshops

Various Media

AR133 Art & Assemblage Workshop: the Re-Contextualizing of Objects1/28/19-3/4/19

AR158 A Collage a Day: Exploring Techniques and Content 2/6/19-3/6/19

AR163 3 Dimensional Collage 3/13/19-4/17/19

AR781 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction 2/19/19-3/19/19

AR782 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction II 4/2/19-4/30/19


AR115 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 4/27/19

AR136 Illustration and Story Boarding 2/6/19-3/13/19

AR201 Learn to Draw Using the Figure 1/26/19-3/16/19

AR210 The Figure as Subject Matter: Explore In-depth Drawing Methods 4/6/19-5/18/19

AR214 Long Poses: Opportunities for Exploration 3/23/19

AR221 Monday Night Beginning Drawing Workshop with Erik Parra 1/28/19-3/11/19

AR273 Life Drawing with Collage 2/23/19-3/9/19

AR275 Collaborative Drawing, One Day Workshop 5/4/19

AR295 Introduction to Observational Drawing and Painting 2/23/19-3/23/19

AR337 Writing, Illustrating, & Publishing Children's Books 2/4/19-3/18/19

AR338 Advanced Children's Book Illustration 4/1/19-5/6/19


AR199 Pen and Brush Lettering 4/3/19-5/8/19

AR413 Painting the Portrait with the Zorn Palette 2/2/19-3/23/19

AR421 Painting with a Contemporary Focus 1/31/19-4/11/19

AR425 Introduction to Watercolor Workshop 2/12/19-3/19/19

AR427 Learn to Paint Using Acrylic Processes 1/29/19-3/19/19

AR428 Further Explorations with Acrylic Paints 4/2/19-5/14/19

AR430 A Watercolor Painting a Day 4/4/19-5/9/19

AR466 Intro and Continuation of Oil Painting 4/18/19-5/16/19

AR479 Botanical Illustration Workshop 2/21/19-3/21/19


AR706 Life Sculpture Workshop: Standing Figure 1/22/19-3/19/19

AR704 Life Sculpture Workshop: The Reclined Pose 4/2/19-5/21/19

AR724 Ceramics Workshop 2/7/19-3/21/19

AR730 Intermediate Ceramics Workshop 4/4/19-5/16/19

AR751 Raku Workshop, Section 1 1/13/19

AR752 Raku Workshop, Section 2 2/17/19

AR753 Raku Workshop, Section 3 3/31/19

AR754 Raku Workshop, Section 4 5/18/19


AR901 Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop 4/6/19-5/4/19

AR910 Between Painting and Printmaking 1/22/19-3/5/19

AR921 Monday Morning Printmaking Workshop  2/25/19-4/22/19