Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification

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Instructor Mike Rickett

Become an AAAI / ISMA Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and earn the credentials to start or enhance your job opportunities in the expanding fitness and health industry. AAAI / ISMA certification is valid in every state and is internationally renowned as the top certification credential. Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification includes: nutrition to meet your goals and to help clients achieve their goals; principles and foundations of nutrition; nutrition and energetics; nutrition and athletic performance; designing your diet & your client’s diet; special techniques, carb loading, sport-specific nutrition; nutrition and ergogenic aids / anabolic steroids; body composition testing, and take the AAAI / ISMA Certification Exam. An optional textbook is available for purchase.  

Mike Rickett M.S. : has a masters degree in Exercise Physiology and a B.S. in Psychology. He is the President of Innovative Fitness and has competed nationally as an aerobic competitor. The American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association or AAAI/ISMA Fitness is the premier international fitness instructor certification program. Whether you’re new to the fitness industry or looking to advance your career, we have the right training and certification programs to take you to the next level. 


$10.00 materials fee paid to the instructor
1 meeting
Online via Zoom