Poetry, Culture, and Community: Generating New Poems in a Diverse Community

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Instructor Tehmina Khan

In this generative poetry workshop, we will read poems from a variety of cultures, communities, languages, and poetic sensibilities – from Pablo Neruda to Nas.  As we examine imagery, metaphor, rhythm, and musicality, we will take inspiration from these poems to create our own work. We will practice some literary translation as a way of appreciating poetry in other languages, and we will draw from their poetic sensibility to inform our own writing.  In addition, students will seek out and share their own favorite poems. By writing in community and listening to each other, we will learn new strategies to enrich our own poetry. The final workshop will be devoted to revision and performance of our work.


$15.00 materials fee paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Chinatown/North Beach Center (808 Kearny St. @ Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108)
Room 1101