Writing Workshop: Going Deep

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Instructor Mardi Louisell

Good writing means the writer becomes conscious, honest, and generous. In this workshop where participants may write fiction, non-fiction or memoir, we will embark on the ongoing process of becoming good writers and discuss what gets in the way of good writing. We will work on writing dialogue that’s not pretentious or overly prosaic, characters that are believable, descriptions that don’t make a reader want to skip over them, and conveying emotion without telling the reader how to feel. Most importantly, we will spend time finding out what one’s story, memoir, or essay is about – something that sounds easy but isn’t. Students will receive in-workshop writing prompts and a writing assignment and reading assignment between each workshop. Each workshop member will present their work at least once  during the quarter, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to discuss possibilities for the next draft.

Mardith Louisell’s short stories, flash, essays and memoir can be found in various on and off-line journals, including Persimmon Tree, Smokelong Quarterly, and Best Travel Writing 2012. She grew up on Lake Superior, and when she’s not writing, teaching or editing, she takes pictures of people's ears, which can be found at Mardithlouisell.com.


$10.00 materials fee paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Downtown Center (88 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103)
Room: 321