LSAT Test Prep Workshop

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Instructor Nick Bronson

Over 14 sessions, The CCSF Extension LSAT Preparation will focus on the nuanced reasoning that makes the LSAT so challenging, and will also discuss the psychological factors that make standardized tests frustrating for so many students who otherwise excel academically. The LSAT Preparation will cover each of the LSAT's question types in detail, and will provide strategies to navigate every part of the test.

The initial lessons will emphasize the core skills that underlie the test's three main question types; subsequent LSAT Preparation sessions will build on those skills, with the aim of cultivating the ability to manage questions at the frenetic pace that the test demands. LSAT Preparation will also include two practice tests.

The instructor, Nicholas Bronson, has instructed students in LSAT preparation for 20 years and currently teaches LSAT workshops at the University of San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz.


Monday and Wednesday
14 meetings
6:30pm-9:30pmDowntown Center (88 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103)
Room TBD