Photography and Filmmaking


PH225 Magic of the Darkroom, Old-school B&W Film Photography9/4/2019-10/2/2019

PH226 Magic of the Darkroom: New Darkroom Techniques10/16/2019-11/13/2019

PH230 Magic of the Darkroom Series 9/4/2019-11/13/2019

PH501A B&W Darkroom Open Lab 9/8/2019-10/6/2019

PH501B B&W Darkroom Open Lab 10/20/2019-11/17/2019

PH601 The Craft of Toning Black & White Photographs 11/23/2019


PH801 Taking Pictures with Your Digital Camera 9/12/2019-10/10/2019

PH855 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 11/18/2019-12/9/2019


PH810 Documentary Filmmaking 9/23/2019-10/21/2019


Voiceover Acting

VO101 Voice-Overs One-On-One:Getting Started in Voice Acting anytime