The Six Tendencies of Movies that Become Classics

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Instructor Mick LaSalle

A great movie lasts. It doesn’t just remain famous; it remains whole and speaks to us as forcefully as it did in its own time, and often more forcefully. These movies of proven lasting power are called classics, and they reveal themselves over years and decades. But here’s the question: Is it possible to recognize a classic film in its own time? Can we go to the movies next week and know whether the film we’re watching will be appreciated 30, 50, or 100 years into the future?

The answer is yes, and this one-day workshop will show how. Using multiple clips and examples, film critic and author Mick LaSalle will explain how to step back and take the long view, to recognize elements of permanent value even in the newest work. There are six tendencies of films that become classics. The goal of this workshop is for students to leave the lecture trained in the ability to recognize those six tendencies, and with their understanding and appreciation of movies transformed and enhanced.

1 meeting
Chinatown/North Beach Center (808 Kearny St. @ Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108)
Room 201