Stand Out Among the Crowd: How to Transform your Résumé for a Digital World

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Instructor Stephanie MacAller

Most people probably update their phones more often than their résumés, but in a world where business and technology are rapidly evolving, job seekers need to catch up or be left behind! During the first meeting, participants will reflect on and assess their most marketable skills and experiences while learning about the rules and components of effective résumés and other job search materials. By the end of the workshop, participants will 

• learn how to use language to market themselves and to get through Applicant Tracking Systems, 

• refresh and tailor their résumés to suit their current or future job search,

• craft a compelling cover letter that fills in resume gaps, and

• create an online presence via personal websites, LinkedIn, and/or other social media. 

While this workshop will involve participants using computers and other technology, no prior social media experience or web/computer expertise are required! The instructor will walk participants through creating and setting up profiles, résumés, and other digital materials. This workshop is designed for everyone, whether you’re currently searching for a new job or merely being proactive, and it is especially useful to people considering a career change or anyone who hasn’t been on the job market for several years. 

Stephanie MacAller is an English and writing instructor at CCSF and experienced career-changer. Prior to coming to CCSF in 2017, Stephanie worked in Human Resources in the biopharma and financial industries, as well as in various roles in the entertainment and tech industries. She has first-hand experience on both sides of the hiring process and enjoys combining her writing, teaching, and business skills to help others succeed. Stephanie is also an avid photographer, culinary adventurer, and social-justice advocate. She lives in San Francisco with her partner, Eliot, and their rescue cats (Shelly and Molly) and dogs (Penny and Cece).

$10.00 materials fee paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Chinatown/North Beach Center (808 Kearny St. @ Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108)
Room 1202