Shibori Dyeing and Block Printing

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Instructor Bronwyn Dexter

Ever wanted to make your own patterns on fabric, clothing and accessories? This workshop focuses on surface design of textiles through shibori dye processes and block printin. Great for beginners as well as students who are looking to expand their skill with fiber arts and fashion design. Only natural dyes will be used in this workshop, making it ideal for students to further explore techniques at home.

The first three sessions will focus on natural dye recipes that will be used in conjunction with silk fabric and wool yarn. Students will create complex original patterns using two shibori dying process, itajime shibori, a method of dyeing that relies on folding and clamping fabric to create areas of resist and arashi shibori, which uses pole wrapping to create tight lines of resist. The fourth session will look at pasting natural dyes to intensify the hue as well as to use for drawing on fabric. The fifth and sixth sessions will introduce block printing. Students will carve their own printing blocks to create repeating patterns on fabric.


5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 103

*Covers photocopies of dye recipes, 1 sample skein of wool yarn, 2 silk bandanas, 3 silk scarves, one small printing block, dyes and mordants, inks for block printing. Extra scarves and wool will be available for purchase.

Materials that students must bring to class: 
• A pair of dishwashing gloves 
• An apron, smock, or clothes that can get stained 
• Close toed shoes 
• Cotton fabric/items for block printing