The Monoprint – Seriality in Print

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Instructor Bronwyn Dexter

This workshop will explore monotype printmaking in relation to intaglio techniques such as etching, drypoint and collograph. The emphasis of this workshop is not on making an edition of prints, but rather on creating an evolving series where some elements are repeated and others vary. Students are encouraged to develop and pursue their own themes and imagery as they relate to monoprint techniques. This workshop provides basic instruction for novice printmakers as well as support and critique for intermediate and advanced students. This workshop will expand upon techniques learned in the Monotype Printmaking – Foundations and Layers workshop, but can also be taken as a stand-alone.

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$15 materials fee paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 208