In Pictures: Using Photos as Reference in Watercolor

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Instructor Erik Parra

The photograph is ubiquitous in our culture and it is very handy for artists to use as reference material.This workshop will focus on how to use photographs as starting points for successful watercolor paintings.Learning what to omit and what to highlight is key to this discussion.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about watercolor basics or for more advanced students to grow their skills.

$10.00 materials fee paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 203

Materials List:

Sketchbook or notebook for taking notes 
Paper: 30 sheet, WC Pad 140 lb, 9”x12” 
Brushes: #8 Round, #4 Round, 3/4” Flat Wash Brush 
(Optional Brushes: 1” Flat Wash, #4 script liner, #10, #12, ½” or ¾” Mop) 
Tubes of Watercolor Paint in the following colors: 
Cadmium Yellow Light 
Cadmium Yellow Medium 
Cadmium Red Medium 
Alizarin Crimson 
Phtalocyanine Blue 
Cerulean Blue 
Pthalocyanine Green 
Hookers Green 
Burnt Sienna 
Burnt Umber 
Palette: The plastic watercolor palettes available at any art supply store are fine as long as you have one or two deep wells for mixing. I also suggest using plastic ice cube or plastic muffin pans. 
Two Cups for water 
Miscellany: pencil, Plastic eraser, Kneaded eraser, Xacto knife, Masking tape, sponge