Acrylic Painting: An Image of Endearment

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Instructor Linda Hope

Using techniques unique to acrylic paints, students will translate a photographic source image into an object of endearment.  By approaching the painting process as a poetic search, a personal and endearing image will result. Students should bring a photographic source on paper of something dear to them: a pet, a beloved friend or family member, a distant relative or special place. Please do not rely on an image on a phone.  All levels are welcome. 

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Image credit: Ana Lazaro

5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 200
$10.00 materials fee paid to the instructor


Materials List:

STRETCHED CANVAS or CANVAS BOARD 16 “ x 20” or 18" x 24" (or larger) 

PAINTS (2 oz. tubes unless otherwise indicated) 
Recommended Colors: 
Mars or Ivory Black; Titanium White (5 oz. tube recommended) 
Alizarin Crimson; Cadmium Red Medium; Cadmium Yellow Medium; Ultramarine Blue; Pthalo Blue 
Burnt Sienna; Yellow Oxide or Yellow Ochre; Dioxyzine Purple; Raw Umber 

• Set of Taklon brushes to include a FLAT brush, a FILBERT brush, and a ROUND brush. Get a set where the FLAT or Filbert brush is at least ¾” across. 
• Cheap Hardware Store type natural bristle brushes: 1"; 2"; 2.5" - 3" 
• If you can afford it get a couple of large brushes with white natural bristles, Filbert and Round shapes OR a white bristle brush set 

• Plastic Palette knife, trowel shaped, with about a 4 inch blade. 
• Spray bottle. Get one that will produce a fine mist, not the garden variety. The misters are available at cosmetic stores, or in the cosmetic sections at department and drug stores. Pump hairspray bottles work well.