Utilizing Perspective in Storyboarding

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Instructor Patrick Bettag

Join instructor Patrick Bettag in this 5 week long Illustration and Storyboarding Workshop. This workshop will be focused on laying the foundation for finished illustrations by focusing on creating strong preparatory work through thumbnailing, concept development and more technical drawing techniques.

One of the key components to communicating our ideas with an audience is our ability to convey a sense of space. This workshop will have a heavy focus on how we can utilize perspective to help establish a sense of space within our images as we tackle topics like design, composition, narrative and lighting.Students will walk away with a completed storyboard or preparatory drawing(s) for an illustration.

This workshop is suitable for all skill levels and will provide an overview of different tools and approaches.



5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 106

$15.00 materials fee paid to the instructor


Sketchbook: Please just pick something you enjoy working in. I would suggest keeping it in the 5x7” - 9x12 range with paper that has little to no texture.

Semi-transparent paper such as vellum I like Bienfang “Graphics 360” 100% rag translucent marker paper 11”x14”

Transparent grid ruler Please have both a 12” and a 24”

Artist Tape I’ll try to make sure I always have tape for you guys in class.

Sharp drawing pencils Mechanical pencils are okay!

Mars Plastic Eraser

Kneaded Eraser

Eraser Stick mono, papermate etc.

Gouache or Grey Prismacolor Markers.

Digital Media is allowed but optional - If you wish to work digitally for this class you may do so! I may do a short demo like this, however I will not be teaching how to use photoshop or digital media in this class. You are welcome (and encouraged) to if you are comfortable working like this. I do ask that you still bring the above supplies to class if you wish to incorporate digital media into your work!