The Figure as Starting Point: Further Explorations

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Instructor Linda Hope

This workshop will start with the pose/s of a live model to explore the possibilities of three of the principle elements that manifest singly or in combination in all drawings: Gesture, Line and Value.  Select exercises will be introduced that allow students the opportunity to view and draw the model through the lenses of shape, pattern, and form in space, using these elements. Basic surface anatomy will be offered on an as needed basis.  There is a $5 - $10 model fee per workshop meeting, dependent on enrollment numbers, and payable on the first week of the workshop. All levels are welcome.

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Image credit: Ray Heigemeir

$5-$10 model fee per class meeting, paid to the instructor
5 meetings
Fort Mason (2 Marina Blvd – Bldg B, San Francisco, CA 94123)
Room 207

Materials List:

*$50 materials fee covers $10 per meeting live model fee. 
Rough Newsprint Tablet - 18" x 24" or larger (Be sure it says Rough on the cover) or 
“Sketch” Tablet – 18’ x 24” see below 
Two sticks Compressed Charcoal #s 6B and 4B or one Soft and one Medium hardness 
Vine Charcoal (softest available – 3 or 4 sticks of the largest size available, try not to buy skinny sticks as they are difficult to hold when drawing rapidly and as they wear down) 
Black Conte crayon #2B (or softest) 
Ebony pencil OR 6B Graphite drawing pencil 
Charcoal pencil #5B or 6B, or softest available (try to get the peel down variety, as it is 
easier to keep them sharpened.) 
Kneaded eraser 
Plastic eraser 

OPTIONAL: All purpose drawing sketchbook - 9" x 12" 
Woolfs Carbon Pencil 
Black drawing ink and bamboo pen or pen nibs, bamboo brush (I can provide these for you to try before buying your own.) 
If you have been drawing a while, you might want to use an 18” x 24 “Sketch” tablet. This sort of tablet is usually PH neutral, has paper weight of 50-65 lb.; and is a slightly higher grade paper than regular newsprint.