Working Adult Degree Program

Enrolling Students for Fall 2017 Now. 

Our Fall 2017 WADP group is enrolling now. While there will be more Information Sessions, attendance at an Information Session is not required, you can explore the details of the WADP program on our website.

If you are interested in the Liberal Arts and Social Justice degrees offered by WADP, and wish to join now, please follow the Step-by-Step Guide to Application Guide.

The WADP does require students to be eligible for English 1A and Math 80. However, if necessary, we are helping students find the shortest pathway through those preparation classes.

Math: For students who need to refresh their math skills and place at least into Math 40, there is a group of classmates taking Math 45 together in the Fall. Let us know now if you would like to join them.

English: Our English placement test has changed dramatically. Many more students are placing directly into English 1A. We highly encourage all students to retake the English placement test. Students that place 1 level below are taking English 88B this summer.

If you need to take or retake the placement tests in English and Math now is the time to do it. There is still some time to take a preparation course over the summer, then join the Fall 2017 class, if you contact us immediately.

Here is  a link to the testing schedule for June:

If you act now, there is an all-in-one day on Saturday June 3rd on our Ocean campus in Conlan Hall - be there by 8:30 am. You can take both tests and see a counselor. You have to RSVP right away:

Either email to or call  (415) 239-3124 or both.

Give them this information:

1. CCSF student ID number
2. Full legal Name
3. Phone Number
4. Date of the Event
5. Test(s) you plan to take (English and/or Math, ESL and/or Math)

Bring a photo ID and know your student ID.

If you are interested in joining, us for Fall 2017, now is the time to let us know.

Lillian Marrujo-Duck
Interim Dean, School of English and Foreign Languages
(415) 267-6573


The accelerated 3 in 1 degree. All Associate Degrees require a minimum of 60 units. We combine those 60 units just right so that students earn 3 degrees at once - providing flexibility when transferring to a 4 year school.

WADP students commit to a predetermined set of classes two evenings a week plus Saturday morning. By taking 10-12 units a semester, plus two courses in the summer, students can complete three degrees in under three years. A Fast-Track options allows student to complete the entire program in 21 months. 

The WADP program is a cohort-based learning community. Students remain together through the program, helping each other succeed. Bring a friend!

Two Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts (Social & Behavioral Sciences and Arts & Humanities)

Plus, an Associate of Arts in Social Justice Studies: Ethnic Studies for Transfer 

Plus, General Education Requirements for Transfer

        Why now?

Job Growth
There were 5,920 new Education, Public and Social Services jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017.

Jobs requiring an Associate’s Degree will grow 18% faster than lower skilled jobs.

Career Technical Education Certificate Holders
If you already have a certificate and a great job, WADP’s general ed courses  turn certificates into Associates Degrees—so you go even further!

Transferable to CSU and UC
WADP degrees meet all general education requirements for CCSF, CSU, and most requirements for UC.

Undecided on Major
Liberal Arts degrees are a great place to start if you know you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree but are undecided about your ultimate goals. Because most courses apply to your GE, we make every unit count.


We put it all together for you.

Our flexible course loads let you balance work, life, and school.

We are here to help! Contact us at:

The Working Adult Degree Program is offered at our Downtown Center 

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City College of San Francisco

88 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Public Transportation

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  • Muni underground to 4th & Market Streets
  • BART to Powell Street station
  • Muni #8 from Fisherman's Wharf to Third Street
  • Muni #30 and Muni #45 to 4th & Mission Streets
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