Recycle and Compost

Start Today! Then Recycle & Compost Everyday

Image of Reusable Mugs, Composting, and Waste Management Bins

The Blue Bin

Image of Blue Recycle Sign

It's easy! Glass, Aluminum, Paper and most Plastics can go right into the Blue Recycing Bins throughout campus. Acceptable recycling materials include:

  • Metal: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil and trays (ball foil up to softball size), caps and lids from bottles, jars and steel (tin) cans
  • Plastic Except those labeled "compostable." No plastic bags, wrappers or Styrofoam
    • Bottles (leave caps on), coffee cup lids, containers and clamshells, cups and plates (plastic only, no styrofoam)
  • Paper (Clean, dry and unsoiled)
    • Computer and office paper, envelopes (windows okay), junk mail and magazines, newspapers
    • Packing or kraft paper, phonebooks, sticky notes,
  • Glass bottles and jars

The Green Bin

Image of Green Compost Sign

Any food, paper products, napkins, and a lot of other items can be composted! It's really amazing. Just add these to the Green Compost Bins throughout campus. Acceptable Green Waste Materials Include:

  • Food Scraps (Anything that used to be alive)
    • Bread, grains and pasta, fruit (pits and shells too)
    • Coffee grounds with paper filter, tea and tea bags
    • Dairy, Eggshells and eggs
    • Leftovers and spoiled food, Meat (including bones), Seafood (including shellfish)
    • Vegetables
  • Food Soiled Paper
    • Coffee filters
    • Greasy pizza boxes, paper take-out boxes and containers (metal handle OK)
    • Paper cups and plates, Paper ice cream containers
    • Paper bags, napkins, tissues and towel
    • Waxy paper milk and juice cartons (no foil liner, plastic spout OK)