About Sustainability at CCSF

Our aim is to develop a culture of sustainability at City College of San Francisco, a culture in which the concept and practice of sustainability is infused college-wide into everything that we do—not only with respect to facilities and operations, but also with respect to education, training, and student support services.

Put simply, sustainability requires that we limit our negative impact on the natural, social, and economic environments, while at the same time positively impacting these environments.

But to make this happen, students, employees, and the community need information about existing and new sustainability-related courses, programs, activities, operations, opportunities, and lifestyles.

We invite you to use this website as a central resource for greening curriculum and daily practices collegewide, some of which include:

  • reducing solid waste;
  • increasing recycling and reuse (includes not only paper/aluminum/glass/plastic recycling but also how best to share excess supplies/furniture/equipment/machinery internally, etc.);
  • increasing composting;
  • eliminating toxic output (e.g., eliminating chemical cleansers, etc.);
  • reducing water consumption via xeriscaping/native plants, low-flow toilets, etc.;
  • reducing energy consumption via the use of alternative energies (solar, alternative fuels, etc.);
  • reducing air pollution by encouraging car pooling, use of public transit, etc.;
  • utilizing green building standards for new construction and renovations (encouraging the use of renewable resources, etc.);
  • educating our students, faculty, and staff with respect to adopting practices that promote sustainability in their everyday lives; and
  • educating and training students for environmental careers (green construction, alternative fuels, solar panel installation, green business certification, habitat restoration, etc.).