SLO Coordinators

To contact the SLO team, please use this email address:


Primary SLO Coordinators

Craig Kleinman



Craig Kleinman has been a Professor of English at CCSF since 1995 and has also worked as the English Department’s Lab and Technology Coordinator since 2003.  Over the years he has taught a wide range of composition and literature courses, has been an active member of many committees, and has often felt as though he’s thirty different people at CCSF.   Now he is one of the SLO Coordinators too.  Correction: thirty one different people.

Sheri Miraglia



Sheri Miraglia has been teaching Biology at CCSF since 2009, and has taught both Biology and Chemistry at the Community College level since 1990.  In the interim years she had a career in Biotechnology working to develop instrumentation and assay technology that allow scientists to study the inner workings of living cells.  She has been serving on the Academic Senate's SLO Committee for two years and is currently sharing SLO Coordination responsibilities starting Fall 2015.

Janey Skinner



Janey Skinner has taught in the Health Education department since 2004, often serving on departmental committees related to evaluation, curriculum and SLOs.  She is also in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department, currently coordinating IDST certificate programs.  At CCSF she has worked with the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, Metro Academies, various certificates and grant-funded projects, the CTE and Equity committees, and now the SLO Coordination Team. Outside of CCSF, she has worked in human rights, public health, and violence prevention, and may be caught ranting cheerfully on any of these subjects. 

Dave Stevenson



Dave Stevenson has been at CCSF in the Visual Media Design Department since 1999. He was hired as a full-time instructor in 2009. Dave teaches courses in digital skills, web development and imaging. He joined the SLO team in the Fall of 2017.

Student Services SLO Coordinator

Andrea Niosi



Andrea Niosi has been a reference and instructional librarian at CCSF  since 1999.  Andrea spends most of her time on Ocean campus at the Alice Statler Library, a specialized library devoted to culinary arts and hospitality.  Andrea also teach  a one unit online course which guides students through the research process and builds information competency skills. Andrea has served on  a variety of College committees including Communication, SLO and Accreditation. She has been on the SLO committee since its incepton in 2012.


CurricUNET Administrators

Dora Dye



Dora Dye has been teaching Paralegal/Legal Studies since 1993 and has served as the Paralegal Program Coordinator since 1999.  In addition to teaching paralegal classes, she has also taught credit and non-credit Microsoft Office classes and library information technology with an emphasis on legal resources.  Dora completed two terms on the Board of Directors of the American Association for Paralegal Education.  At CCSF she served one year on the Academic Senate Executive Council and has served on the Curriculum Committee since 2015.  In 2015, she volunteered to provide technical support for CurricUNET and transitioned to become a member of the SLO Coordination Team effective Spring 2016.  In Fall, 2016 Dora moved to become the primary CurricUNET administrator.

SLO Coordination History

  • Fall 2018 -- Craig Kleinman and David Stevenson are on Sabbatical this semester (good for them!). Sheri Miraglia and Janey Skinner are the SLO Coordinators this semester.  Andrea Niosi continues to support SSO Assessment. Dora Dye continues in her role as the CurricUNET administrator.
  • Spring 2018 -- Sheri Miraglia, Craig Kleinman, David Stevenson, and Janey Skinner are the SLO Coordinators this semester.  Andrea Niosi is back supporting SSO Assessment. Dora Dye continues in her role as the CurricUNET administrator.
  • Fall 2017 -- We welcome Faculty SLO Coordinators David Stevenson and Janey Skinner to the SLO Coordination team this fall!  Andrea Niosi is on sabbatical but plans to return in Spring 2018.  Sheri Miraglia and Craig Kleinman return for another year to continue their tenure as SLO Coordinators.  Dora Dye continues to serve as our CurricUNET administrator.  The SLO Team also relies on significant support and input from Cherisa Yarkin, Pam Mery and David Agam in Research and Planning.
  • Spring 2017 -- There were no changes to the SLO team.
  • Fall 2016 -- Sheri Miraglia and Craig Kleinman are continuing to serve as primary SLO Coordinators for the college.  Dora Dye has moved over to the CurricUNET side of the house and will be working with Katryn Wiese in the Fall of 2016 as a co-CurricUNET administrator.  The SLO team thanked and congratulated Mandy Liang as she moved to take over as Academic Senate President.  In October, 2016, Andrea Niosi (an instructional librarian) joined the SLO team to support Student Services Assessment.
  • Spring 2016 -- The SLO Team said goodbye and THANK YOU to Kristina Whalen who left us in December to become the Dean of Fine, Applied and Communication Arts.  Tremendous progress in the area of assessment has been made as a result of Kristina's leadership over the past two years and we will miss her very much! This semester the SLO Team welcomes Dora Dye, who will be joining us as we work to continue CCSF's leadership in assessment.  Welcome Dora!
  • Fall 2015 -- There is now a team of SLO Coordinators to handle ongoing reporting requirements, training, review, and other requirements of the job. The primary SLO position is shared between Craig Kleinman, Sheri Miraglia, and Kristina Whalen. Mandy Liang is in charge of the Student Services SLO Coordination.
  • Fall 2014 -- Kristina Whalen continues in the role of Primary SLO Coordinator. Katryn Wiese continues as Technical Support SLO Coordinator role and focuses on maintaining the website, reporting forms, and CurricUNET implementation. Weekly emails and monthly highlights continue. GE-Area A and E assessments are in the process of analysis, discussion, and reporting. ILO 2: Communication assessment is happing college wide. Workgroups are under development for Spring assessment of GE-Areas B, D, and H.
  • Spring 2014 -- Kristina Whalen took on the role of Primary SLO Coordinator. Katryn Wiese took on a Technical Support SLO Coordinator role and focused on maintaining the website, reporting forms, and CurricUNET implementation. Weekly emails and monthly highlights continued. GE-Area A and E assessments took place. ILO 1: Critical Thinking assessment data from Fall was analyzed, discussed, and reported college wide. Plans were developed for Fall ILO 2: Communication coordinated college-wide assessment.
  • Fall 2013 -- Katryn Wiese and Kristina Whalen shared the duties of Primary SLO Coordinator. Assessment reports continued to be refined and completed each semester with summary reports provided and discussed across the college in participatory governance meetings. Weekly updates and monthly highlights continued. ILO 1: Critical Thinking coordinated college-wide assessment began. GE-Area C assessment data from the previous Spring was reviewed, analyzed, and reported and discussed college wide in numerous participatory governance meetings. GE-Area A and E workgroups were pulled together to plan Spring assessments. Plans began to transition existing reporting forms to a new software program that would be managed by outside support services and require fewer time commitments from coordinators across the college. A variety of software products were reviewed. CurricUNET was chosen as a first step.
  • Spring 2013 -- Weekly email updates began. Professional Development opportunities took place weekly. Monthly highlights of SLO progress from across the college were published on the website. The Academic Senate SLO Committee began reconvening. Fall 2012 assessment review reports (+ tentative plans for Spring) were developed and deployed and published online. Results were summarized from across the college and reported online. Evaluations of ongoing processes were completed and reported upon. Coordinated college-wide GE-Area C assessment began, with guidance provided by the GE-Area C workgroup. End of semester, the official SLO Coordinator position was advertised to start in Fall 2013. Kristina Whalen was selected as the next Coordinator. Katryn Wiese agreed to stay on in a shared role to provide training and continuity.
  • Fall 2012 -- At the start of this semester, Katryn Wiese continued in her volunteer role customizing department-specific web pages to include details on each department's existing processes and sharing results. She worked with the Dean of Instruction to develop the first reporting forms for gathering data across the college and publish results in one place. These reports were first submitted only as expected plans for assessment work that would be completed in Fall 2012. GEO mapping reports were also developed and submitted for all GE-area-applicable courses. She also developed an SLO job description and petitioned the Administration to create an official SLO position, which was done by the of Fall 2012. Katryn was assigned the role on an interim basis. The college-wide Assessment Team was developed to assist with development of college-wide processes, especially those that would also affect administrative and student services. An annual assessment plan was first developed. College ILOs were developed and reviewed.
  • Summer 2012 -- Katryn Wiese built the CCSF SLO website and all the department-specific pages.
  • Spring 2012 -- Katryn Wiese volunteered to lead the Department Chair Council in deciding to develop a central website for sharing and coordinating college-wide SLO work. Plan: each department would regularly maintain (at least once per semester) its own web assessment page based on a standard template. A college website would link all these pages together. Goal: improve communication and sharing of results, while maintaining each department's ability to continue to develop and manage its own processes for assessment.
  • Pre-Spring 2012 -- Each department was in charge of managing its own SLO processes and keeping records.